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Wrong Place, Wrong Time


Client was leaving BW3's bar when a fight ensued in the parking lot. Client continued to his vehicle and drove off trying to avoid any altercation with the fighting parties.

A third party saw client leave the scene and made the assumption that the defendant was involved in the fight. The third party witness took down the client's license plate number and shortly thereafter the defendant was arrested for an assault that he had nothing to do with.

Attorney Zachuary Meranda conducted a thorough investigation and it appeared that there were several other witnesses who would testify that the defendant did walk past the fight and go straight to his vehicle and leave. Upon presenting said information to the Prosecutor, the case was dismissed.

This case goes to show that misidentification can cost a person their career and future. Had the Defendant been found guilty or had another attorney failed to conduct a thorough investigation the Defendant could have been sentenced to 180 days incarceration and a $1,000.00 fine.