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Felony Case Dismissed - Speedy Trial Violations


Client was charged with two felony counts in Licking County Court of Common Pleas, Case No.: 10CR0119.

  • Count One: Weapons Under Disability, a violation of Ohio Revised Code 2923.13, a felony of the third degree carrying a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000.00 fine; and
  • Count Two: Receiving Stolen Property, a violation of Ohio Revised Code 2913.51, a felony of the fourth degree carrying a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and a $5,000.00 fine.

Defense attorney Zachuary Meranda received the discovery on the case and noticed several indicators that the defendant's constitutional and statutory rights to a Speedy Trial were violated.

Shortly thereafter, attorney Zachuary Meranda filed a Motion to Discharge of the Defendant pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 2945.73(B) and asked the Court to issue an Order discharging the Defendant from the indictment in the above captioned case for the reason that the Defendant had not been brought to trial within the time limitations set forth in Ohio Revised Code Sections 2945.71 and 2945.72.

After having an oral hearing the Judge issued an Order discharging the defendant's case do to Speedy Trial violations.