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Columbus Counterfeit Defense Lawyer

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Counterfeiting is a serious federal offense that can carry very steep penalties in the event of a conviction. If you have been charged with this crime, our legal team is available to provide you with immediate legal service. Retaining defense early on is crucial, as generally federal authorities will investigate these cases extensively, using all their resources to secure a conviction. You need to fight back by retaining a knowledgeable legal advocate who you can trust.

Charged with counterfeiting? Take immediate action by calling our Columbus criminal lawyers!

We exclusively handle criminal defense cases such as counterfeiting charges at The Meranda Law Firm LTD which means you will work with an attorney who is experienced in combatting criminal charges. Our Columbus criminal defense attorneys are committed to helping you fight your charges by tenaciously discrediting the prosecution's case. We understand what is on the line and can work to preserve your future by avoiding a conviction.

What is counterfeiting?

When goods or services come from an illicit reproduction, they can be considered counterfeit. The federal government often gets involved with such charges when the goods cross state lines or international borders.

Counterfeiting is defined as the illegal forgery of any of the following:

  • Currency
  • Documents
  • Products
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Clothing
  • Pharmaceuticals

When counterfeiting involves goods, it is a matter of trademark and patent infringement. When it involves currency or bonds, it becomes a federal matter and can bring much harsher penalties and consequences.

Work with Us to Protect Your Future

The penalties for counterfeiting vary, depending on the size and scale of the crime. They can include fines totaling the estimated damages and even federal imprisonment. In extreme cases, the maximum penalty can be 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for counterfeiting foreign obligations.

At The Meranda Law Firm LTD we can fight to get your charges reduced or dropped. With an exclusive focus on criminal law, helping clients preserve their rights in the face of charges is our top priority. We can start working on your defense by investigating the charges against and reviewing any evidence involved. We understand what a difficult time this is for you, but with our help, you can take the right step forward to protect your future.

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Reviews & Testimonials

At The Meranda Law Firm LTD, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    “As stress free as it can be”
    A criminal case can be very stressful. The Meranda Law Firm can help you with this process. Zack is there to make sure that you get the best personal one on one help you can get. So you don't get pushed around in the system. Takes all the worry out of your case. Very down to earth guy. Easy to talk too. Without Zack I don't know where I would be right now. Thanks Zack; can't tell you how much I appreciate the help you gave me. If you are looking for a lawyer that can take the stress out of your case Zack is your guy
    - Jeff w
    “Great Representation”
    There are three reasons I recommend Zachuary Meranda if you are arrested for DUI. First off, he is a straight shooter. Never did he sugar coat my situation. Second, he handled everything while keeping me informed and walked me through everything as it progressed. Third, he got me the result- NO DUI!!! Thanks Zak!
    - Shane Dolen
    “Excellent job!”
    We are very appreciative of the efforts put forth by Zach Meranda. The outcome was positive and he made us feel secure in an out of control situation. Felt glad to have him defending us and having his common sense approach to our case. We would recommend his services to anyone in need.
    - Anonymous
    “I Highly Recommend The Meranda Law Firm”
    I couldn't have asked for a better attorney. I've had other attorneys and Zach is the only one that actually knew my case and put a lot of time and effort into making sure the outcome was good, which it definitely was. I really think he is one of the best attorneys & I highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal help.
    - Payton R
    “Great work!!”
    Zach Meranda was a real attorney with a no bull shit strategy!!! But he won my criminal case even when the odds were against me and I thank him and his associates!!
    - Pfeifer
    “Great Job”
    Zach did a great job representing me. He worked hard to take care of me in my case. If I ever need a lawyer again, I'll definitely give him a call first.
    - Rod
    “Great Attorney”
    Zach is a great attorney. He has represented me twice and both times I got positive results. If you need an attorney call The Meranda Law Firm, he's the best.
    - Frances Benson
    “An Attorney That Will Give You His All!”
    Zach is incredibly professional and will work as hard as he can for you, no matter how big or small your case is. He shows genuine concern and interest in his client and the situation. He is straight forward and honest. Zach was the third attorney on my case and the only one that actually took the time to become familiar with my case. He was not intimidated as my previous attorneys were and his competency resulted in my case ending in a very satisfying outcome.
    - Rylan Burrie

Have Questions?

We Have Answers!
  • What should I do if my child was arrested?
    No parent wants their child to have to go through an ordeal like being arrested. When these situations do occur, it can be difficult to determine what the best course of action would be. The juvenile justice system is different from the adult justice system and so it is important that you have a legal representative who understands the juvenile system and can help you get through this time. Whether your child has been accused of DUI, a drug crime, a misdemeanor, or a felony, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that we are there helping you every step of the way.
  • Can I afford a criminal defense attorney?
    Another question you will have to consider when deciding which defense lawyer to handle your case is whether or not you can afford it. At The Meranda Law Firm LTD, we want to be able to provide reasonable rates to our clients so that you can get the help you need. In order to give you an idea of how much it will be, we will meet with you in a free consultation and discuss what kind of fees you could expect.
  • How do I appeal my conviction?
    What should you do if you have already been convicted of a crime and have received your sentence? If you believe that justice was not served, your first step should be to contact our firm to see if we could help you appeal your case. Not every attorney takes on appeal cases they can be more complex and time-consuming than other cases. At The Meranda Law Firm LTD, however, we are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients, no matter how difficult the case. If you want us to look over your case, please contact our team as soon as possible.

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