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Why Is Expungement Important?


In the world of criminal defense, most legal actions focus on the guilt or innocence of an accused individual. Little is known about other aspects and the only thing people consider is hiring a lawyer to help them beat a conviction.

While that is the most important part, not many people focus on what happens after a case, especially when they are convicted. Because of the affects a conviction can have on your life, you should recognize the importance of expungement and what it can mean for your future.

Gaining Employment

One of the more difficult things to do after a release from jail or prison is secure employment, especially when most locations ask about your criminal history. Far too often, a person’s conviction is a deciding factor when it comes to hiring or not hiring them for a job.

Securing a Loan or Housing

When you want to get a loan or rent or buy a home, most companies will look into your past to ensure you are a reliable candidate. A criminal record is often a negative factor that warrants the denial of your application and prevents you from moving forward.

Going Back to School

Some criminal records can be looked at by universities and other schools to deny your application to pursue further education. This may be based on the crime itself, or simply because of the record. Either way, this is one of the instances in which a criminal record works against an individual.

All of these factors and more make it important for you to seek expungement if you are considered eligible. Sealing your criminal records can help you accomplish a number of things in life and prevent certain members of the public and some organizations from seeing the crime.

Some government agencies, law enforcement, and other entities may still be able to access the criminal record in certain circumstances.

If you are seeking expungement of your criminal record, speak with our Columbus expungement lawyers about your situation. If you’re eligible, we can work with you to determine the best options for you and work to help you secure a better, brighter future.

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