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Do Accidents Increase During the Holidays?


The holidays are here with us. As you may have already noticed, more people are traveling on the roads. Statistics for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that the holiday season is the deadliest on the roads. Holidays normally account for the largest number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents. For example, statistics show that an average of about 500 people died during Thanksgiving holiday as compared to about 100 people who died on a daily basis in car accidents. The correlation between holidays and traffic accidents is owed to various factors.

Increased consumption of alcohol

The holiday season presents opportunities for people, who are otherwise busy on other days of the year, to relax, meet their friends and family, and socialize. Holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving bring people together in family gatherings, therefore presenting a viable opportunity for people to indulge in foods and drinks. The rate of consumption of alcohol during this time is therefore high. Chances of people getting behind the wheel drunk and driving, therefore causing car accidents, are equally high. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis, for example, estimates that 40% of road fatalities experienced during holidays are as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol.

More road users

Holiday seasons are characteristic of more people traveling in families or as individuals. Majority of the people travel in personal cars while others use public transport systems, and a few are pedestrians. Increased traffic on the roads generally brings about congestion while also dramatically increasing chances of more unqualified reckless drivers breaching road safety regulations. Also, holiday seasons are characteristic of more drivers driving under distracted conditions such as using mobile phones or chatting with their friends on the road.

Poorly maintained vehicles

Another key reason behind the increased rate of traffic accidents during the holiday season is because road users become reluctant to servicing and maintaining their vehicles. You may have already experienced firsthand that the holidays come with huge expenditures where you buy gifts and food at the expense of undertaking various essential-but-ignored activities such as maintaining your car. It is easier for people to drive with faulty brakes than driving without a bottle of champagne for the next party. Negligence of car maintenance practices, therefore, generally contributes towards more road accident during the holidays.

In Columbus, Ohio, the rate of road accidents during the holidays is not any less severe as compared to the rest of the country.

If you are involved in an accident this holiday season, contact The Meranda Law Firm right away to speak with a Columbus Criminal Defense attorney who will evaluate your case, therefore giving you an opportunity to relax and enjoy your holidays. We will ensure that you are not unfairly charged by providing experienced legal representation in court.