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New House Bill Affects Driver’s License Reinstatement


Fees and Waivers to Be Affected

The Ohio Department of Public Safety has created a 6-month program, the Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Initiative, that can potentially reduce or waive reinstatement fees for eligible applicants.  Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated Columbus traffic ticket attorneys can help you figure out if the bill applies to you. 

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Are You Eligible for Fee Reduction?

Two qualifications apply to the reinstatement fee amnesty initiative.  The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will evaluate an applicant’s eligibility based on the “permissible qualifying offenses contained in Ohio Revised Code,” according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s bulletin

The qualifications for reinstatement fee reduction are as follows:

  • Complete all court-ordered sanctions related to the eligible offense (excluding payment of reinstatement fees)
  • Wait at least 18 months from the end of the period of the court-ordered suspension

Furthermore, applicants who can prove indigence can qualify for complete amnesty of reinstatement fees. “Indigent,” refers to a person who participates in the Ohio supplemental nutrition assistance program (Ohio Food Stamp Program).

This new bill is only applicable to driver license or permit suspensions, not to commercial driver license or commercial permit suspension.

Columbus Criminal Defense Attorneys on Your Side

If your license has been suspended and you are struggling to find the funds to pay for reinstatement, this new bill may help.  This bill makes reinstatement easier on your bank account, helping you get back on your feet and back on the road.  If you have questions or need legal counsel, our team of Columbus traffic ticket attorneys can help. 

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