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Multiple Counts of CPO Violations -F5's Receive Community Control and Local Incarceration Instead of Prison


Client was charged with two counts of violating a Civil Protection Order, both felonies of the fifth degree. The client was facing a possible prison sentence of 6-12 months and a $2,500.00 fine on each offense. This was the client's second felony offense and the probability of receiving a prison sentence was greater than if she was a first time offender.

Attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to engage his client in mental health counseling and continued the case along for six months so that his client would have a positive track record of reporting to her counselor and receiving the treatment she truly needed. Through Attorney Meranda's hard work and dedication to his clients, he was able to save this client from returning to prison. She was sentenced to a period of community control and 60 days local incarceration.

Facing a criminal offense such as CPO, assault, theft or any other criminal matter can have a huge toll on your daily life. There is no reason why you should face such a legal matter alone. Contact a Columbus criminal defense attorney from The Meranda Law Firm, we will be able to provide the dedicated legal attention you deserve.