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2nd OVI in 6 Years: High Test Reduced to Low Test


Client charged with second OVI offense with in the past six years. They submitted to a breath test and blew a .181, otherwise known as a high test result. As a result of their breath test results, the client was facing mandatory jail time. Columbus criminal defense attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to work out a plea deal were they pleaded guilty to a low test, substantially reducing the jail time they were to face. They also received a minimum fine and one year probation.

Charged with OVI? Retain an experienced attorney!

Facing a criminal charge can be very stressful, especially when the evidence seems stacked against you. In these circumstances, having an experienced legal advocate by your side is essential. Our legal team at The Meranda Law Firm LTD has helped many clients reduce or eliminate their charges. Don’t hesitate to contact the firm and discuss your charges today!