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Case Results: Client With Two Felonies Declared Incompetent for Trial


When a person has an extensive criminal history and has already proven to make unwise choices with his or her life, there are times that it may seem impossible to dismiss a case or prove that someone is innocent.

A client recently came to the Meranda Law Firm LTD having been charged of credit card theft and a violation of a CPO. Both of these crimes are considered felonies in the state of Ohio, and can be punished with jail or prison time. Unfortunately, our client had a terrible criminal history, which heightened the probability that the client would probably receive some prison time. Whenever a criminal is accused of a subsequent offense, it is punished more severely than a first offense would be.

Attorney Meranda took on this client’s case despite his criminal history and determined after a consultation that the client may be mentally incompetent to face a trial. Attorney Meranda eventually filed for a competency review and insisted that the client be interviewed. After meeting with a psychologist, it was determined that the client was not mentally competent to stand trial at this time, through the client could be restorable in the future.

This allowed Attorney Meranda’s client to attend a mental health facility where he could receive treatment, rather than be sent to prison. The client was able to get medical attention for the medical stability that he needed while avoiding the severe punishment of incarceration for his crimes.

If you have been convicted of serious crimes, then you need lawyer like Attorney Meranda to work on your case. With a hardworking lawyer to advocate for you in court, you may be able to find the right defense that can reduce your sentence or cause the court to rule that you are not guilty!