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Case Results: Probation Violation Charge Dropped


It’s a dangerous thing to break the rules of your probation. For many offenders, probation means freedom from jail and the ability to avoid severe punishments. Yet, just one slip up can cause a probation officer to send the offender back behind bars to serve his or her time for a crime they committed.

A client came to The Meranda Law Firm LTD recently after his probation officer decided that he would revoke the client’s probation term. This is because the officer believed that his charge had been using the illegal drug “Spice.” Using narcotics is illegal in any circumstance, but when a person is on probation, using an illegal narcotic means almost automatic imprisonment. The accused individual partnered with Attorney Meranda in his original trial and called him once again in order to discuss the new accusations against him.

Attorney Meranda decided that he should get the client’s urine sample independently tested, apart from the sample that had been tested and approved as positive with contents of Spice. Attorney Meranda had the testing done and received evidence that the client was not using Spice. After receiving the test results, Attorney Meranda discussed the issues with the prosecuting attorney on the case and was able to get the case dismissed.

This case goes to show that some urine tests can give false positives. In this case, as in many others, a second test proved that Attorney Meranda’s client was not guilty and should be permitted to go free. Had an uncaring attorney referred only to the probation officer’s urine test, then our client may have been sent to jail for a crime that he never committed. Yet because he had a lawyer that cares, our client was preserved from that horrible end.

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