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Who Gets to Know if Someone Is a Medical Marijuana User?


Medical marijuana has helped tens of thousands of Ohio residents, but some people still stigmatize its use, even if it’s for medicinal purposes. For this reason, anyone who applies for a medical marijuana card should identify who gets to know about their prescription.

Who Knows Who Is Registered for Medical Marijuana?

The first person who knows if someone is registered for medical marijuana use is the user’s physician. All medical marijuana users must have physician-patient relationships with recommending physicians who submit patient registrations.

In other words, no physician, no medical marijuana.

However, physicians aren’t the only ones who know who is registered for medical marijuana.

State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy is the state agency that medical marijuana users report to to obtain, renew, and maintain their medical marijuana registrations. Due to this process, anyone who works at the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy may know who uses medical marijuana.

Physicians and the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy both know about registered users, but do employers have the right to know?

Employers & Medical Marijuana

Employers have the right to know if their employees use medical marijuana, and employers can fire or refuse to hire employees who use medical marijuana. Employees can lie about their marijuana use, but employers have the right to ask employees to take drug tests before granting employment.

Additionally, employers can ask employees to take drug tests, and employers can fire employees for trace amounts of THC.

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