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Is It Legal To Buy Delta-8 Online?


Marijuana legislation in Ohio is coming back to the forefront with talks of new legislation in recent months of potential changes to marijuana usage. Potentially new legislation can introduce recreational use of marijuana, which was previously only allowed to be consumed and possessed by individuals under specific medical requirements. While that legislation is being processed, you may have heard of delta-8 and are curious whether this is legal to buy?

An Overview Of Delta-8

Delta-8 refers to the chemical compound found within cannabis with similar psychoactive properties, delta-9 THC. In a way, delta-8 is similar to derivatives of marijuana like CBD in that they can have effects on individuals via consumption but are not regulated like marijuana as these products do not contain a certain amount of delta-9 THC.

How Federal Law Views Delta-8

Under current legislation, delta-8 is viewed similar to hemp products in that it is considered a derivative of marijuana that under the conditions that it is naturally created and under a certain threshold of THC, it will not be considered a controlled substance. However, while federally, at the time of writing, there are criteria that can allow for the legal possession of delta-8 products, there is a gray area in which state laws can override the ruling.

Delta-8 In Ohio

In August of 2021, Ohio passed legislation that allowed delta-8 not to be classified as a controlled substance, allowing for the legalized possession, purchase, distribution, and production of delta-8 THC products.

We must note that while delta-8 is legal to purchase, under current legislation in Ohio, delta-8, alongside other derivatives of marijuana, is only allowed to be bought with proper medical requirements. What this means for most people is that recreational use of delta-8 is not currently legal.

Purchasing Delta-8

If you or someone you know can legally purchase delta-8, numerous dispensaries, both online and vendors operating in Ohio state, are officially licensed. When purchasing delta-8, only purchase from state-licensed vendors for two critical reasons.

Reason one you want state-licensed vendors is that strict regulation on the product content will allow for you to safely purchase delta-8 products that do not contain other additives that may have flown under a regulatory agency.

The second reason for buying from licensed state vendors is the legal ramifications of buying from vendors that sell delta-8 products considered controlled substances. If delta-8 products contain over 0.3% delta-9 THC, they are considered controlled substances. While licensed vendors cannot sell products with above 0.3% THC, unlicensed vendors may sell these products, violating federal and state law. Even in this case, delta-8 in this specific context, purchasing controlled substances can still be met with penalties.

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