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Can I Be Fired For Using Medical Marijuana?


Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since 2016, but with the state’s first dispensaries opening up earlier this year, many Ohio residents are left with questions concerning medical marijuana. One of the most common questions is whether or not medical marijuana will have any sway over a user’s employment status.


While you can’t be fired simply for having a prescription for medical marijuana, the law does state that employers do have just cause to fire employees inhibited by medical marijuana while at work. This is the same ruling that gives employers authority to fire employees, with just cause, when it comes to other prescription drugs, including prescription opioids.


Of course, a major stipulation to this ruling is where you work. Employers in Ohio can terminate jobs with just cause for employees who are inhibited and unable to do the jobs asked of them, but federal employees and those working in healthcare or childcare have harsher restrictions placed on them. Marijuana, even with a prescription, is still illegal under federal law, so employees of the federal government can and likely will still be fired for the use of medical marijuana.

We Can Answer Your Legal Questions Regarding Medical Marijuana

As more residents begin using medical marijuana, more people will wonder how marijuana laws will affect them. If you have had a run in with the law or been terminated from your job and think your rights have been violated, look no further than The Meranda Law Firm. Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys can help answer any of your questions and make sure your legal rights to use medical marijuana are protected.


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