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Can People Grow Their Own Medical Marijuana Supply in Ohio?


The Columbus Dispatch reported on a survey conducted by the Drug Enforcement Policy Center at Ohio State University and the nonprofit advocacy group Harm Reduction Ohio. The study found that many medical marijuana cardholders in Ohio are not buying medicinal cannabis because the prices are too high and dispensary locations are inconvenient

These kinds of problems have led to a significant number of people asking whether they can grow their own cannabis for medical purposes. Unfortunately, Ohio prohibits the cultivation of medical marijuana for personal, family, or household use.

The Problem with Dispensaries

Medical marijuana in Ohio is only available through retail dispensaries licensed by the Board of Pharmacy. According to the Dispatch, there are 52,000 medical marijuana cardholders in Ohio but only about 30 of the 56 proposed dispensaries are open so far.

Ohio legalized medical marijuana in 2016, and the state has a list of specific qualifying medical conditions. However, the number of qualifying conditions will only increase, which means the demand for medical marijuana will increase, causing an even more significant discrepancy between dispensaries and users.

However, this is currently no plan to let medical marijuana users grow their cannabis.

Facing Criminal Charges for Growing Medical Marijuana

If you were arrested for illegal possession or cultivation of medical marijuana in Ohio, you should seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact a criminal defense lawyer at The Meranda Law Firm so we can fight to attempt to get your criminal charges reduced or dismissed.

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