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Is a Drug Possession Charge a Felony or Misdemeanor?


The idea of being arrested for drug possession can be a scary thought for anyone, especially when they are unaware of what it means for them and what types of consequences they may be facing. This makes it increasingly important to know what steps to take after an arrest.

Just as important is knowing whether your drug possession charge is considered a felony or a misdemeanor. There are a number of things to consider when determining how your arrest can be classified.

The Amount and Type of Drug In Your Possession

Some of the determining factors that may be considered when determining whether or not your charge is a misdemeanor or felony is the type and amount of drug you have in your possession. This is because the less you have, the better your situation may be.

Some drugs carry more serious charges and the more you have in your possession, the more likely you are to receive a felony charge. However, for something such as a small amount of marijuana, this may be considered a misdemeanor crime.

Aggravating Factors

If there are more aggravating factors involved such as possession with the intent to sell or the possession of a firearm, this could make matters worse. Also, if this is a second or subsequent charge for a similar crime, this can also affect how you are charged.

Understanding your rights and options moving forward is very important, especially when you have so much to lose with a potential conviction. Hiring a Columbus drug crime defense lawyer should be one of the first steps you take in defending your freedom.

At The Meranda Law Firm LTD, we have the experience necessary to guide our clients through the complex process so they know what to expect every step of the way. We know what defenses are available to help our clients when they face serious charges.

The differences between a misdemeanor and felony charge are tremendous with sentencing presenting long prison sentences and fines. You need strong representation to seek the most favorable outcome possible.

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