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Can My Drug Possession Conviction Be Expunged?


For many individuals, being charged and convicted of drug possession can be detrimental to many aspects of a person’s life. This is enough reason for these individuals to wonder if they can do anything to seal their conviction.

Expungement is available to many individuals who want to keep their record from various public searches and more. However, is it available for convictions of drug possession? Here are some things to know.

Is Drug Possession Eligible for Expungement?

Under federal law, there are various instances in which a person convicted of drug possession may be available to have their record expunged, but only if they meet a certain number of requirements set forth by the law.

The individual must:

  1. Be under the age of 21 at the time of the offense.

  2. Have no prior drug offenses

  3. Have no more than two misdemeanor convictions

  4. Have just one felony conviction

  5. Have only one felony and one misdemeanor conviction in the state

It’s important for individuals to fully understand which ways expungement can be helpful for individuals who have been convicted of serious drug crimes. There are many benefits to pursuing the sealing of your criminal records.

Benefits of Expungement

When an individual is convicted of a serious drug crime, it can impact the person’s entire life. This is because jobs, lenders, educational organizations, banks, and more will often look into your criminal history before making a decision on whether or not to help you.

A drug crime can make this difficult for you.

By seeking an expungement, you’re working to seal these criminal records and help yourself in your future endeavors. You don’t want people to judge you based on a conviction, and getting the help you need is important.

At The Meranda Law Firm LTD, we put our experience to work for our clients. Our Columbus drug crime defense lawyers work hard to guide our clients through the complicated legal matters so they know what to expect. This is why we are here.

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