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Amsun Massage Spa Owners Arrested


In mid-January, various local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies investigated multiple massage spas in Central Ohio including Amsun Massage and Rainbow Massage for human trafficking and procurement of prostitution—handing out multiple arrests in the process. Although the owners of the spas have been arrested and charged, the police are now looking for the patrons. If you have been contacted by law enforcement (via letter, phone, etc.) about your visit(s) to these spas, having an attorney to advocate on your behalf and to protect your rights is vital to your legal defense.

Did you ever receive a massage at any of the spa locations below and have been contacted?

Amsun Massage, 128 East Olentangy Street, Powell, Ohio

Amsun Massage, 1000 High Street, Worthington, Ohio

Rainbow Massage, 5564 Hilliard Rome Road, Columbus, Ohio

Private Residence, 2144 Jasmine Court, Columbus, Ohio

Yes, I visited one or more of the massage spas and have been contacted, now what?

First things first, just because you visited one or more of the above-named locations and have been contacted by the police does not by any means suggest that you are guilty of a crime. Although your massage could have been non-sexual, law enforcement will take a male patron's visit(s) to mean that he was not only there for a massage, but for sexual relations as well. Authorities could be seeking to prosecute patrons for violation of O.R.C. 2907.23 Enticement or solicitation for prostitution. Although this crime is a misdemeanor (fine and/or less than 1 year incarceration), because some of the victims of this case were under the age of consent, this elevates the crime to a lower level felony (fine and/or greater than 1 year incarceration).

If law enforcement has contacted you in any way regarding your visit(s), please remember that you have rights—right to not incriminate yourself by remaining silent, rights to an attorney at all interrogations, rights to an attorney when charged with a crime. If called, please know that you may notify law enforcement that you wish to not speak about your situation without an attorney present. NOTE: Asserting your rights does not mean you are guilty.

What does law enforcement want from me?

Law enforcement is looking for a way to receive your:

  • DNA evidence;
  • Confession;
  • Statement about your massage(s) and implication of other potential defendants;
  • Other incriminating evidence.

REMEMBER: Law enforcement will not give you an attorney or someone that will protect your rights. Law enforcement has found you and your name from either camera surveillance or company books/records. Law enforcement is now procuring warrants for DNA evidence of up to 60 patrons that frequented the spas. Do not assume that if you tell your situation to law enforcement, they will be lenient.

I have been contacted, what should I do now?

Do not be afraid to tell law enforcement that you want to consult an attorney before speaking about your situation, regardless if law enforcement thinks you're guilty for doing so. Either way, having a seasoned attorney on your side protects you. Bottom line—if you have been contacted or think you might be contacted, we invite you to give us a call for a personal and confidential consultation. Rest assured, The Meranda Law Firm, LTD. is here to help and will work in the most amicable manner to resolve your case.