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Client arrested for Misdemeanor THEFT, ORC 2913.02, gets case dismissed with Attorney Zachuary Meranda


Client was exiting Wal-Mart when he was stopped by the Loss Prevention personnel (LPP). The LPP accused the firm's client of not paying for various fishing reels. The client informed the LPP that he did not steal or take anything. Upon being searched by the LPP, they did not find the items on said client. Still, the client was charged with misdemeanor theft. He turned to Attorney Zachuary Meranda for criminal defense.

Case was set for trial and continued several times do to the LPP at Wal-Mart not providing any video surveillance for this alleged day and incident. After several hearings the prosecutor dismissed the case. If the client had been convicted of this offense he would have received a minimum of 30 day incarceration in the County Jail and a fine.

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