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Illegal Immigrant Saved From INS Holder due to His Poor Decision to Drive Impaired


Client was extremely intoxicated and made the poor decision of getting behind the wheel of his vehicle. While driving home the client lost control of his vehicle and struck a church sign. Shortly thereafter the police arrived and arrested the client for Operating a Motor Vehicle while Impaired—High Test--.268BAC, Hitskip, No Ops, Failure to Control.

The client was facing a substantial amount of jail time do to his actions; however, Attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to work a plea bargain that allowed the client to plead to a basic OVI offense and the state would dismiss the balance of the charges. With this plea offer the client only had to complete a 72 Hour Driver Intervention Program and pay a minimum fine. Columbus criminal defense attorney Zachuary Meranda saved the client having to do jail time, which in essence saved him from receiving an INS holder do to his immigrant status. Don't hesitate to contact the firm if you are being charged with a criminal offense such as DUI, theft, assault or any other offense.