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Another OVI Dismissed by Attorney Zachuary Meranda Saving His Clients Thousands of Dollars in Fees and Fines


Client charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated, under O.R.C. 4511.19a(1)a. Client performed well on the FSTS, however the police officer indicated that he failed all of the tests. Our client was adamant that he was sober and not impaired to drive and offered to provide a breath test. The client blew into the DataMaster and came back with a result of .03BAC. This showed that my client was sober. The officer still persisted that my client was impaired and cited him for OVI.

Attorney Zachuary Meranda, drafted and filed several motions on behalf of his client, one being a Motion to Suppress Evidence, and was able to get the entire case dismissed. Do to the hard efforts of Columbus criminal defense attorney Zachuary Meranda, it saved his client several thousand in fines and fees, plus the embarrassment of having a suspended license do to an OVI offense.

If you have been pulled over for an OVI or DUI and would like to speak with an experienced lawyer about your claim then you should contact The Meranda Law Firm today. A member of our legal team will be able to guide you through the process and ensure your rights are being fought for at all times. Contact the firm to schedule a consultation today.