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Poor police work gets client a reckless operations plea deal


Client was stopped for OVI, a misdemeanor of the first degree. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 180 days’ incarceration, a $1,075.00 fine, license suspension, and reinstatement fees. After studying the evidence, defense Attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to point out the holes in the case to the prosecutor and, as a result, helped the defendant secure a Reckless Operation plea offer.

The defendant accepted the plea offer and received only a fine. At the end of the day, the defendant did not have an OVI conviction on record and did not have to miss any work on account of the offense. They were able to resume life as before the charge, with little difficulty on account of the arrest.

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Columbus attorney Zachuary Meranda received a 2012 Avvo Clients’ Choice Award in criminal defense law for his skill in legal representation. Because he is certified in DWI Detection, Sobriety Testing, and other elements of criminal and DUI law, Attorney Meranda has a strong understanding of drinking and driving cases. He uses this knowledge to help clients fight a wide range of charges.

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