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Types of White-Collar Crimes


White-collar crime is a global issue. In fact, it's estimated that $426 billion to $1.7 trillion is channeled annually through money laundering schemes. From the simplest instances of theft or bribery to complex cases such as organized crime rings and counterfeiting operations, understanding and familiarizing yourself with common white-collar offenses can be invaluable should you ever come face-to-face with them – either legally or commercially.

Definition of White-Collar Crime

White-collar crimes are nonviolent crimes committed by individuals or businesses for financial gain. People accused of a white-collar crime may face harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, substantial fines, or restitution payments.

Learn more about the common types of white-collar crimes individuals or businesses may be accused of participating in.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is a white-collar crime where the proceeds of criminal activities, such as drug trafficking and bribery, are intentionally disguised or washed through legitimate or false investments and financial institutions.


Since the late 1990s, fraud has increased due to technological advancements in identity theft, bank fraud, and investment schemes.

  • Identity theft includes the unauthorized use of one's information for criminal activities, including purchasing goods using stolen credit cards or obtaining a loan on their behalf.

  • Bank fraud involves illegally obtaining money from financial institutions using false representation or documents.

  • Investment schemes involve manipulating stock prices in the stock market by deceptive means such as insider trading.


Forgery is considered a white-collar crime and can take many forms. Often, forgery involves the intent to defraud or circulate false/fictitious documents.


When it comes to white-collar crimes, few may be as daunting as embezzlement. Defined as the illegal misappropriation of funds or other property which has been placed in one's control or possession, embezzlement is serious business and requires the expertise of a criminal defense attorney to handle accusations properly.


Cybercrime is a rapidly growing form of white-collar crime, as new technological advances make it easier to commit criminal acts in cyberspace. It involves using computers and the internet for unlawful purposes, such as:

  • Obtaining information illegally;

  • Spreading malware or viruses destroying data; or,

  • Carrying out financial fraud.

Cybercrime exists on multiple fronts and can involve individuals or organized groups of criminals who require sophisticated tactical planning. With the evolving nature of the online crime, prevention methods have become more reactive than proactive.

Why a Criminal Defense Attorney is Necessary After a White-Collar Crime

If you are accused of a white-collar crime, it is essential to have the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and ensure that your case is accurately represented in court. They can thoroughly review the case's facts, evidence, and circumstances. An attorney can explain how the law applies to the accused's situation, advise on potential strategies for handling charges or mitigating the potential consequences, and represent their client through all stages of criminal proceedings.

Furthermore, a qualified criminal defense lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or lighter sentences when possible and raise procedural errors or violations of constitutional rights by the police. An effective legal representative is invaluable when facing any criminal allegation.

Accused of a White-Collar Crime? Contact The Meranda Law Firm LTD

White-collar crime is a broad term that encompasses various acts of illegal activity. Money laundering, fraud, forgery, and embezzlement can be some of the most common types of white-collar crime. Cybercrime has become more and more prevalent in recent years. Every white-collar crime comes with serious consequences that could potentially upend the life you have built for yourself.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a white-collar crime, seeking representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential. Our criminal defense attorneys at The Meranda Law Firm LTD know all aspects of the law and will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected every step along the way.

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