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How Can I Successfully Beat an OVI Charge?


OVI charges are serious, and victims accused of these crimes can face severe consequences, such as extensive fees, a revoked license, or significant jail time. These charges also appear on the victim's permanent record, which could negatively impact future job or education opportunities. When someone is charged with an OVI, happens, it's important that the individual seeks legal counsel through an experienced attorney, as there are many things they may be able to do to have the charges dropped or lessened.

Legal Defenses

Using legal defenses, attorneys can properly represent victims and fight for their rights. There is an abundance of defenses an attorney could use depending on the details of the victim's case. However, some of the most commonly used when fighting OVI charges include:

  1. Faulty Tests – Typically, when determining a driver's intoxication level, officers will administer a blood, breathalyzer, or field sobriety test. Although they are effective, they are not without error. Experienced attorneys may be able to have charges dropped if they can prove the test was faulty successfully.
  2. No Reason for a Stop – Police officials are required to have reasonable cause for pulling a driver over. This could include driving behaviors such as swerving, speeding, or violating traffic signs. Pulling a driver over without probable cause is illegal, making any charges inadmissible.
  3. The Driver is not Drunk – Characteristics of a drunk driver include staggered walking, red eyes, slurred speech, and more. Although it is expected, alcohol isn't always the cause of these symptoms. If the driver is tired or sick, these issues could cause them to display the same types of behaviors as an intoxicated one.
  4. Entrapment – It's illegal for police officers to create a situation where an individual commits a crime they didn't intend to. If an officer entraps the driver, the charges could potentially be dropped.

Contact an Attorney

OVI charges on your record can be permanent and life-altering. Be sure to contact an attorney you trust right away to get started on the process of fighting the charges. Proper legal representation can be beneficial in many ways. Here at The Meranda Law Firm LTD, we have the skill and knowledge you need on your side to fight your legal matters. Let us be your voice.

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