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Social Media & Domestic Violence Charges


Social Media & Domestic Violence Charges

Living in the digital age, social media has become an important part of our everyday lives—even in legal cases. When a person faces domestic violence charges, what they do online can impact their case because what you post can be used as evidence against you.

Social Media Evidence May Be Admissible in Court

A social media post may be admissible in court as an admission of a party opponent. While statements that parties make outside of court are generally considered hearsay, a statement made online is different. Although your criminal defense attorney can help you challenge the foundation of admission for a social media post, courts are more willing than ever to admit social media posts.

Violating Bond Through Social Media

In addition to being used at trial against you, a social media post may also be used as evidence that you violated your bond or bail. There's a good chance that your terms of the bond will include a provision that you have no contact with the alleged victim of the case. Even reaching out through social media can land you in violation of the terms of your bond. In addition to avoiding direct contact, be sure to avoid any posts that may sound threatening or intimidating. Don't post anything questionable or open to interpretation, or you might be standing in front of a judge. Your criminal defense attorney can help you understand the conditions of your bond.


Even if you accept a plea offer or are found guilty at trial, the court's interests in your social media posts don't end there. The court can take evidence into account when they determine the amount of your sentence. The minimum and maximum penalties are set by law. The court is free to decide on your sentence within the possible range of sentences. The things that you post on social media can be used against you at your sentencing hearing. The best plan is to avoid using social media at all until your case is fully resolved.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Columbus

If you're facing domestic violence charges, an attorney can help you understand how social media plays a role in the charges. Social media may be one part of a strategic defense to your case. Call on the team of experienced attorneys at The Meranda Law Firm in Columbus for comprehensive criminal representation.

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