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Attorney Zach Meranda Receives ARIDE Certification


The Meranda Law Firm LTD is proud to announce that its founder, Attorney Zachery Meranda has received his ARIDE certification. ARIDE, or the Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement program, was developed for law enforcement to help standardize and sharpen DUI and OVI procedure with the intent to better identify those driving while under the influence. Attorney Meranda's certification means that he's completed the training and is now properly informed on all the current DUI and OVI procedures, warning signs, and determinations, specifically with drug-related cases.

ARIDE was developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and various other bodies endeavoring to make roadways safer. By bolstering law enforcement's understanding and practices with DUI and OVI cases, charges can be more clearly determined and processing made more efficient. For legal representatives like Attorney Meranda, ARIDE training will also help them identify any mishandling or misclassification of these types of charges.

Just a few highlights of ARIDE's 16-hour curriculum include:

  • Pre and post-arrest procedures in OVI/DUI stops
  • Appropriate handling of drug-impaired drivers
  • An overview of seven drug categories and their observable effects
  • Medical circumstances that can mimic OVI/DUI warning signs
  • The most current updates of standardized field sobriety tests

Offering the Most Comprehensive DUI Representation

Attorney Meranda's certification in ARIDE is just one more way our firm strives to give our DUI/OVI clients the most knowledgeable and assertive legal representation possible. We know that those charged in DUI/OVI are not always able to give accurate accounts of their incident and those gaps must be filled by legal insight in an effective DUI/OVI defense presented in court. This is the kind of vigilant service we've continued to provide countless clients for numerous years.

If you or a loved one is facing a DUI/OVI charge, call our firm to speak with an informed and dedicated Columbus DUI lawyer today.