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Big Law Firm vs. Small Law Firm


So you need a criminal law attorney, you Google "local criminal attorney" and you come up with something similar to 101,000,000 results, in 0.37 seconds—wow that was fast, but the problem is you need just ONE! Which one should I choose, and do I use a big firm or a small firm?

Main Differences

One misconception is that the more money someone pays a law firm, the better job the law firm will do—FALSE! It is completely understandable to take money into consideration when picking an attorney—who wants to use their entire paycheck to pay an attorney to work on their case for a few hours? Most people cannot afford that price, and if you can, you probably do not want to shell out all of your hard-earned money for an hour or two of work. Typically a big firm will charge you more money per hour than a small law firm. But, just because you pay the Cadillac price, does not mean that you'll get the Cadillac work.

Also, to a big firm, the client will be a case number to them.

Dialog at Big Firm

"Hey John. Yeah Bill? Can you get me the case #31009922?"

Dialog at Small Firm

"Hey John. Yeah Bill? Can you get me the Charles Smith case?"

Right away, you can see the difference in firms. While one firm sees you and your case as a small number in the big pond of cases, a smaller firm sees you as a name—your name! Most people like to be called by their names versus a number. We're NOT Columbus Law Firm #455, we're The Meranda Law—just like you're not case #31009922, you're Charles Smith. Which one would you choose?

Which one should I choose?

Every person and their case are different. Some people feel that a bigger firm, since they typically have more resources (more people), will "suit" their lawsuit or case better since their problem is very complex. This could very well be the "case." Ok, enough with the puns and jokes…this is serious stuff—picking a lawyer. However, you should know and remember that a smaller firm handles your case on an individualized level. Smaller firms ensure that each and every client's case is handled and treated with the same expertise. Additionally, in a smaller firm, you'll get one-on-one time with the main attorneys of the firm, and most of the time you actually speak to them a lot about your case. While at the bigger firms, we're still not even sure if the managing partners leave their 25th floor offices? Do they even exist? Who are these people? Did they even touch my case? The questions are endless and expensive with big firms.

Why you should choose The Meranda Law

We'll skip to the chase—smaller firms, such as The Meranda Law, can give clients what they need: individualized attention, real understandings of their cases, peace of mind knowing that a "higher-up" attorney is working on your case, and overall satisfaction that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck! What more could you ask for? Choose The Meranda Law.