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Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment


The Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment, written by the Ohio Rights Group (ORG), is an Ohio amendment that would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana to those Ohio residents who qualify. The amendment's main purpose is to allow those who are the majority age (18 years), and who have a medically necessary condition, to use marijuana worry and trouble free.


According to the ORG, they are seeking to honor the inalienable rights that belong to all Ohioans in the spirit of the state's leadership in the field of medical Cannabis usage. Based on ORG's historical data, ORG believes that in 1851—when the Ohio Constitution was adopted—there were influential meetings of physicians, which showed the beneficial effects of using marijuana. They believe the same influence can be seen today as well.

ORG believes that this amendment has the potential to "alleviate the suffering of over 100,000 Ohioans, provide Ohio with an estimated $50 million in tax revenue within five years of implementation and create an Ohio industry, and the jobs to go along with it estimated at $250 million annually within just two years of establishment."

Who Would Qualify?

The amendment would allow Ohio residents, age 18 and older, who have a debilitating medical condition, and meet all the requirements of eligibility, the right to use, possess, acquire, and produce marijuana. Eligible individuals or organizations would also have the right to:

  • Grow, process, and purchase therapeutic marijuana;
  • Cultivate hemp for many other uses;
  • Protect individuals from arrest, prosecution, discrimination, invasion of privacy, and breaches of confidentiality;
  • Commercially produce, distribute, and tax medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp; and
  • Use marijuana in any form, and does not invalidate existing smoking bans

The amendment would also not permit the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana, however would change or alter the detection of marijuana in a person's system by law enforcement. This new amendment would also, according to ORG, encourage research and education into thousands of uses for marijuana.

Ohio Commission of Cannabis Control

This amendment would also establish a controlling body to govern the rules and regulations, which are to be established within one half year after approval by voters.

More Information

It is hard to say if this amendment will pass and be enacted into law in the near future. One thing is for certain—laws in Ohio are constantly changing. Having a lawyer on your side, who can explain everything to you in an understandable way, is greatly beneficial. Have a question about your marijuana or drug crime? Don't hesitate to contact The Meranda Law Firm, LTD. We are dedicated professionals that are willing and able to help you through the criminal process.