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Case Results: Dismissed CPO Order Against Client


There are few things more devastating than being barred from seeing your children.

When a client came to us having been told he could no longer see his child, he was devastated. The client told us that he had been restrained by a Civil Protection Order after his live-in girlfriend claimed that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Our client claimed that he had never abused his girlfriend or his child and he simply wanted to be able to visit his loved one whenever he could. He argued that he was being falsely accused because his girlfriend didn't want him to have influence over her child.

A civil protection order can bar a suspect of domestic violence from seeing or interacting with his girlfriend, child, or another affected party. If a person who has been restrained under one of these orders tries to break the protections, then he or she can be arrested or apprehended by the law enforcement.

When our client was told he could no longer see his child, he came to us for help. We agreed to represent him in a Civil Protection Order hearing under ORC 3113.31m and were able to prove that the girlfriend and her child were not at risk of harm. Because of this, the judge was able to dismiss the case and did not grant the girlfriend the CPO that she had requested. This means that our client now has the right to visit and spend time with his girlfriend and child as he pleases.

If you have received a CPO filed against you and you need someone to come to the hearing and defend you, then talk to a lawyer at our firm. We have merited successful results in a CPO trial before, and will try hard to do it again in your case. Call us today if you are looking for a lawyer for a domestic violence case in Columbus!