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Client is Own Worst Enemy Receives 10 Month Prison Sentence


Client was charged with seven (7) counts of theft and forgery, all of which were felonies of the fifth degree. Client was facing a maximum of seven (7) years in prison. Defense counsel was able to get five (5) of the counts dismissed with a joint recommendation from the State that the client should receive a term of community control probation sanctions. Prior to sentencing the client violated the terms of her pre-trial bond three times, one violation consisted of picking up new charges. This lead the Judge to sentencing the client to 10 months in the State Penal Institution.

Had the client listen to her counsel she would be serving a term of community control. This case is a good example of why clients need to listen to and abide by the advice of their attorneys. Facing a theft crime can be very stressful and should not be taken lightly. Hiring an experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney is essential. Contact our law firm if you need a lawyer for a theft case in Columbus.