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Case Results

  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence Charge
    After an unruly child was disciplined by her parent, the parent was then accused of domestic violence. This is a misdemeanor of the first degree and carries a maximum sentence of 180 day in jail and a $1000 fine. We were able to explain to the prosecution that this was an unruly child who was constantly disobeying her mother. The child was actually 19 years old, yet continued to live under her mother's roof, but wanted to live by her own rules. There was extensive negotiation and threat of a jury trial if the case was not dismissed. Eventually, the case was dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Woman Charged With Felony Theft and Misdemeanor Drug Possession
    This was a complex case that was bifurcated between Common Pleas and Municipal Court due one incident giving rise to two separate crimes – one being felony, and one being a misdemeanor. Unfortunately, at first, we negotiated and applied her for diversion, which she was denied due to an open case in Municipal Court. After getting her possession of marijuana dismissed, we then reapplied her for diversion. Because the possession case was dismissed, she was then accepted into diversion. Therefore, if she successfully completes diversion, her felony theft offense will also be dismissed.
  • Charges Reduced 4th OVI Lifetime Gets 1st Offense Penalties

    In a complicated OVI case, our client was charged with an OVI 4th lifetime. Unfortunately, he was charged under the city code, which has a 20 year "look-back", as opposed to the state code, which has a six year "look-back". It was this gentleman's first offense in six years, but 4th within a twenty-year span. It was negotiated that the charge will be amended to the state code, treated as a first offense in six years, and the client received the mandatory minimum sentence, which was the three-day alcohol driver intervention program.

  • Case Dismissed Juvenile Assault Case
    Unfortunately, peer pressure will make children do some terrible things. In this assault case, our client was alleged to have videotaped an assault that was taking place by one of her friends on another child. Our client was an honor roll student, in the gifted program, and had many aspirations within the community. After lengthy discussions with the prosecution, it was worked out that the case will be held open for our client until she performed some community service. Once she completed the community service, the case was dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence Stemming From a Custody Dispute
    There is nothing worse than parents using the criminal court system to win a custody battle for their children. Our client made the unfortunate mistake of involving himself with a woman that was willing to do whatever she needed to keep our client away from his child – including prosecution. At first, she attempted to file a Civil Protection Order, which after a full hearing, was subsequently dismissed. Then we proceeded to Licking County Municipal Court where the case was set for trial. Eventually, our client was offered a plea to the more appropriate charge of Disorderly Conduct and Diversion. Upon successful completion of Diversion, the case will be dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Violation of Protection Order
    In another instance of a parent attempting to use the criminal court system to gain a competitive advantage in a custody dispute, my client was faced with Violating a Protection Order. The original protection itself was subsequently dismissed. Unfortunately, between the time period of granting the order and the order being dismissed, there was an alleged violation. Because the original protection was vacated and shown to be without merit, our firm was finally able to have the violation of that invalid order dismissed.
  • Charges Reduced Teen Charged With Domestic Violence Against Mother
    In this case, we represented a teen in the Licking County Juvenile Court that was charged with Domestic Violence for striking his mother during a verbal altercation. We successfully negotiated a plea, which involved a Disorderly Conduct offense (a misdemeanor of the 4 th degree) instead of the very serious, and enhance able Domestic Violence offense.
  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence Charge
    Our client was charged with Domestic Violence and had to appear in a Franklin County Court of Law. After much deliberation and negotiation over 6 months, the case was dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Teen Charged with OVI & Felony Possession Of Prescription Drugs
    The Meranda Law Firm was able to successfully negotiate a case dismissal for a teenage girl who was charged with an OVI as well as felony drug possession.
  • Charges Reduced Incorrect OVI Suspension Charge

    Our client was under a physical control suspension, was pulled over, and was then charged with Driving Under an OVI Suspension. After extensive research, it was discovered this was improper.

    The significance of the two different suspensions is the fact that an OVI suspension carries a three day mandatory jail sentence. It was successfully shown that the charge was improper and it was later amended to the proper charge. The client's suspension was run concurrent with his prior suspension and he was saved three days in jail.

  • Reduced Penalities Felony Theft: Local Incarceration Instead of Prison

    Our client was charged with two counts of theft, felonies of the fourth and fifth degrees. The client was facing a possible prison sentence of 30 months and a $7,500.00 fine.

    After several status conferences with the Judge and Prosecutor, defense counsel, Zachuary Meranda was able to negotiate out a plea deal where the client would serve 108 days of local incarceration with work release privileges. This enabled the client to maintain his employment so that he could support his family and provided him with an opportunity to partake in Community Control sanctions instead of a prison term.

  • Charges Reduced Argument Between Mother and Son Ends with Son Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

    Minor child was charged with domestic violence, a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. The Juvenile was facing 90 days in detention and other court imposed sanctions.

    Through plea negotiations Defense attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to get the minor child placed into the Juvenile Court's Diversion Program, where if successful, this program will keep the charges off of the minor child's record.

  • Reduced Penality Felony Theft and Forgery Charges End with Local Jail Sentence
    Defendant was charged with two felonies of the fifth degree for theft and forgery. Both charges carried a maximum penalty of six to twelve months in prison and a $2,500 fine. Upon reviewing the discovery and speaking with the Prosecutor, a plea agreement was reached where the defendant would serve 30 days incarceration at the county jail and 60 days house arrest with standard terms of community control/probation. The defendant was happy with the end result do to this not being her first felony offense.
  • Charges Dismissed Kohl's Department Store Theft
    Defendant went into the department store and stole personal garments. Upon being stopped at the exit door, the client made a full statement as to her actions. With the defendant's statements and the video store footage, this was an extremely strong case for the State of Ohio. After speaking with the Prosecutor it was agreed to allow the defendant to participate in the Diversion program. If the defendant completes the program she will not have a theft charge on her record which could impede her future employment.
  • Case Dismissed Obstruction of Official Business Charge
    After extensive negotiation, Attorney Itayim was at a standstill with the prosecution. Client charged with obstruction of official business was adamant about his innocence and wanted to proceed to trial to clear his name. Moment before the trial began, the prosecutor informed Mr. Itayim that he wanted to drop the case. The case was completely dismissed by the State and the client was free to go.
  • Case Dismissed Three Counts of Deception to Obtain a Dangerous Drug
    Mr. Itayim was appointed to a case in which his client was charged with three counts of Deception to Obtain a Dangerous Drug. Two of the three counts were felonies of the 2 nd degree. Our client was facing over a decade of prison time. The State had doctors and pharmacists willing to testify against my client. The odds seemed insurmountable. After countless hours of preparation, and just days before the jury trial, the prosecution informed Mr. Itayim that he was going to dismiss the case.
  • Case Dismissed Four Counts of Endangering Children
    This case reached the newspaper and painted the mother in a light that was not remotely accurate. This was a case about the danger of media grabbing a hold of a case and making matters much worse for a very caring, loving mother. There was a great amount of negotiation between the prosecutor and Mr. Itayim. There was also a great amount of evidence that needed to be reviewed in detail. The prosecutor and Mr. Itayim had a conference in which it was necessary to review the file together. Mr. Itayim was able to shed light on some major issues with the case, as well as shed light on a situation that was blown way out of proportion. The end result was a dismissal of three counts of Endangering Children. The fourth count was pled down to a Disorderly Conduct. Children Services also dismissed the case that was pending.
  • Charges Reduced College Student Caught With Drugs
    Mr. Itayim handled this case in the Franklin County Municipal Court. There was a lot at stake for the college student who not only faced a severe license suspension, but also the refusal of future financial aid. Unfortunately, this was a case where there was overwhelming evidence. Nevertheless, in lieu of potential suppression motions and lengthy procedural issues that the prosecution did not want to bear, the State offered to dismiss the drug charge for a plea to a moving violation. The student's financial aid and license remained intact. Furthermore, our client will never have to explain away a drug charge on his record when applying for future employment.
  • Early Release Aggravated Drug Possession Charge
    Our client originally was convicted of Aggravated Drug Possession and was serving an 11 month sentence. However, after just 30 days, Mr. Itayim drafted and filed a Motion for Early Release demanding our client be released. There was a full hearing on the matter. Although our client had a rather lengthy criminal background, the Judge ruled that our client should be released early from prison.
  • Case Dismissed Juvenile Charged with Two Counts of Domestic Violence and Theft
    Mr. Itayim represented a Juvenile in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas regarding serious allegations of abuse toward her siblings and stealing from her Mother. The case was rescheduled several times due to numerous discovery issues. In the end, the case was set for trial. All witnesses were prepared to move forward with the trial. Ten minutes prior to trial the prosecutor dismissed the action for insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction. In this case, the prosecution saved himself from the case being inevitably dismissed had the case went the trial.
  • Case Dismissed Woman Charged with Theft of a Credit Card
    There is not much worse than a son wrongfully accusing his mother of stealing from him – especially when that son is living under her roof. Nevertheless, that was the situation in this case. There was much debate over the facts of the case; however, there was one fact that never changed – our client was being maliciously and wrongfully accused of a crime she did not commit. Once pressed on the issue and questioned in regards to the facts, the son began telling inconsistent stories. Finally, he completely recanted and stated he recalled giving her the card to use. It was only because he was upset with his mother about an unrelated issue that he wanted her to get in trouble. This case was dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Juvenile Charged with Inducing Panic
    After extensive negotiations with the Franklin County Prosecutor's office, there was a plea offer to our client. Mr. Itayim, who represented our client in this matter, demanded that because of her clean record she be given the opportunity to have her case dismissed. The end result of this is what is called a "hold open." Our client has six months to do what the court asks of her. If she is successful, her case will be dismissed at the end of this period.
  • Case Dismissed Precious Metal Dealer Offered Diversion & Subsequent Dismissal
    Client was charged with operating a precious metals store with proper license, a misdemeanor of the first degree. Unfortunately, our client also did not qualify for the exemption. However, we got him on the path to obtain the license, and when the prosecution and State of Ohio saw that he was someone pursuing a license, we negotiated a plea instead of any jail time. Upon completing diversion, our client will have his case dismissed.
  • Penalty Reduced 3rd OVI Offense Within Past 6 Years
    Client charged with third (3) OVI refusal offense within the previous six (6) years. Client was facing up to 365 days incarceration due to his actions plus substantial fines and the forfeiture of his vehicle. Columbus criminal defense lawyer Zachuary Meranda was able to negotiate out a plea deal where the client received a minimum jail sentence and was able to engage in inpatient treatment to address his alcohol dependency issues.
  • Charges Reduced Eight Counts of Drug Trafficking
    Client charged with eight counts of drug trafficking within the presence of a minor child faces up to 24 years in prison and substantial fines and court costs. Columbus defense attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to negotiate out a plea deal where the defendant pled to four counts and received a joint recommendation of 2.5 years in prison with the potential of Judicial Release after one year. The balance of the charge was dismissed as a part of the plea deal.
  • Charges Reduced OVI 2nd Offense High Test Treated as a First Offense Refusal
    Client was stopped for a marked lanes violation and then subsequently arrested for OVI. Client complied with the Police Officer's requests and provided a breath sample in this case as well. The test came back over the legal limit of .08BAC and was higher than the .17BAC limit for high test under the Ohio Revised Code section. Through negotiations with the prosecutor, Columbus criminal defense was able to have the case treated as a first offense refusal saving the client 14 days incarceration. Over all, a good result for the client.
  • Case Dismissed Civil Protection Order Dismissed
    Client was served with a Civil Protection Order, which if granted, would have prevented the client from seeing his children on a regular basis do to them being cited as a protected persons in the order. Defense Attorney Zachuary Meranda was able to negotiate out an Agreed Stay Away Order that exempted the minor children and dismissed the underlying Civil Protection Order. Columbus criminal defense attorney Zachuary Meranda's hard work allowed this father to continue to see his children on regular basis.