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Ohio Casino Commission Investigates Illegal Casinos


On August 5th, Ohio’s Casino Control Commission raided six casinos suspected of engaging in illegal behavior. The casinos were located in various counties throughout Ohio, including Clark, Franklin, Madison, and Union. Two residences were also raided in Hilliard and Plain City.

According to state law, games of skill or chance can only give out prizes, such as merchandise or gift cards, worth no more than $10. The Casino Commission says that these Ohio casinos were giving out cash awards which is illegal.

During the raids, officials seized cash, documents, and gaming machines. No arrests were made, but several of the casinos involved in the investigation have been closed down.

Gaming Operators Treated as “Casino Operators”

The individuals involved in the alleged illegal conduct at these casinos are being punished more harshly, due to tactics used by the Attorney General’s office. By treating these skilled gaming operators as “casino operators,” it can elevate the charges from a Class 1 Misdemeanor to a Class 5 Felony.

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