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Boundaries of Using Medical Marijuana


Ohio doctors who have patients with PTSD, cancer, Parkinson’s, and 18 other medical conditions may prescribe marijuana to treat these problems. Although marijuana prescription patients are legally allowed to use, there are boundaries to when, where, and how. If patients fail to follow these rules, they could lose their prescription and face criminal penalties. Therefore, medical marijuana users should know the following stipulations to marijuana use.

Medicinal Marijuana Cannot Be Smoked

While patients can use medical marijuana, they cannot smoke it by way of combustion or ignition. Therefore, medical marijuana users can only use the drug in the following forms and ways:

  • Tinctures;
  • Patches;
  • Topical ointments;
  • Oils;
  • Vaporization;
  • Ingestion.

If a patient is caught smoking marijuana by way of ignition or combustion, he or she could face criminal penalties.

Medical Marijuana Cannot Be Taken Across State Lines

If you use medical marijuana, you must use it in Ohio and Ohio only. If you take Ohio medical marijuana with you across state lines, you could be arrested for possession even if the other state permits medical marijuana use.

Medical Marijuana & Federal Property

As marijuana is still illegal by federal law, you cannot use or possess marijuana on federal land. While this law is easy to follow in most scenarios, it’s a good idea to leave your stash at home when visiting national parks. National parks are on federal land, and you could be arrested for possession while visiting.

Medical Marijuana & Driving

It is illegal to use medical marijuana before you drive, and while you are driving. Patients who drive a vehicle, streetcar, trackless trolley, watercraft, or aircraft while under the influence could be arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI).

Have You Been Criminally Charged?

If you or a loved one has been criminally charged for one of the circumstances mentioned above, The Meranda Law Firm can help. Our medical marijuana attorneys can help you fight for your case and defend your rights in the face of criminal accusations.

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