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OVI & Possession of Heroin


A veteran of the United States Army was seeking legal representation in Pickaway County. He had been charged with OVI and Possession of Heroin, the latter of which is a 5th degree felony. This man had stumbled upon very difficult times and turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. The cases were divided; one was sent to Municipal Court and the other to Common Pleas.

After the suppression hearing for the OVI case, prosecution offered a last minute plea to a Physical Control charge. Our client denied the offer and the case proceeded to trial. He was subsequently found not guilty and was able to proceed free of conviction.

The felony case also ended with positive results. The defendant was eventually offered treatment and probation and the case was resolved to his satisfaction. He had already received a one-year sentence for a previous conviction, yet for a subsequent conviction he was given a much lighter sentence in addition to the opportunity to rehabilitate himself in a Veteran's Hospital.

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